We combine our years of technical and operational expertise to provide an in-depth transparent and robust, consultancy process to clubs and organisations that ensures they choose the most appropriate digital product for their stadium, retail site or event. To ensure that we are robust, transparent and accountable to each organisation, we developed our unique 5D process:

01. Define

We work closely with both stadium and commercial staff to define the specific requirements for a full range of digital assets that include LED perimeter system, LED giant screens, LED first tier ribbon board, concourse IPTV and development of a software platform through which to control all these assets.

02. Develop

We then develop a comprehensive RFP or tender document, identify those manufacturers or companies that may be interested in replying, usually through signature of an NDA, and manage the entire process of sending out, then receiving back the RFP.

03. Decide

In many cases this is a 2 stage process.

Firstly, we collate all the information returned in the RFP including specification, commercial terms, relevant experience, references and case studies and present all the RFP returns, with executive summaries, to the club/organisation.

The 3 or 4 stand out returns are then often invited to demonstrate their products in a live “shoot out” or a number of site visits are organised during which the candidates present themselves for a question and answer session.

04. Deliver

Once the winning candidate has been chosen, We aid the club/organisation in the wording of any agreement then help manage the programme of acceptance testing, delivery and installation of the product.

05. Drive

We work with the club and winning candidate to ensure a thorough training programme for local operators and content creators is engaged, this would include technical training on service and maintenance of the product, managing the spare parts process and training on the software of the system.


The OMM Technology story

In 2004, we installed the worlds first permanent LED perimeter system at Manchester United. The project involved creating a trench all around the pitch at Old Trafford into which the system was installed and at the push of a button the entire system would disappear underground in less than 1 second.

During the following 8 years, OMM Technology went on to sell over €25m worth of LED perimeter and giant screen product to organisations such as Liverpool FC, The FA, Celtic and many other teams across the UK, Europe, Australia and USA.

However in 2011 we decided that the experience gained during this period of sales and installations could be better served by advising clubs and organisations on how to procure the most appropriate system for their stadium with the first club to invite us to run a process for them once again being Manchester United.

Since 2011 we have become Europe’s leading specialist in consulting to teams and organisations to ensure they use a robust process to choose the most appropriate digital product for their needs.


Case studies: