French National Rugby League

The Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR), is a body whose primary purpose is to ensure the representation, management and coordination of activities of professional rugby, organise professional France Championships 1st and 2nd division (respectively, hereinafter the “TOP 14” and “PRO D2” ) and in general, to ensure the promotion and development of the professional sector of the French rugby clubs. The LNR commercialises certain marketing rights to a nationwide pool of partners and also allow clubs evolving in TOP 14 and PRO D2 to operate and develop their own marketing rights.

In 2008 The LNR acquired 14 LED perimeter systems permanently installed along the touchlines of each club in the TOP 14 and at the same time installed rotating systems into each PRO D2 club.

In 2016 The LNR decided that the existing LED and rotating systems needed to be replaced and asked us to help them in the process of choosing the new LED systems.

To begin with we needed to define the requirements of each of the 30 stadiums in the TOP 14 and PROD2. So we set about creating an audit process during which we would send out questionnaires to each stadium then follow up with a visit during a three week period. Each stadium was photographed and an in depth report written about the facilities and pitch requirements.

In partnership with the LNR we created a RFP that was sent out to over 25 interested companies. This included detailed specification of the product and a plan for installation, operation and service.

We analysed each of the 25 returns and presented a report to the LNR on each company with a recommendation for a top 8. The LNR then reduced this to 4 finalists who were invited to an interview and to demonstrate their products at Stade Français.

We then organised a visit to each of the suppliers European HQ for final discussions prior to the final decision.

The successful company chosen is now in the process of manufacturing and delivering the 30 systems across both divisions with us advising and representing the LNR during this process. We will visit each stadium the day after the commissioning of the system to ensure that the products comply with the specification and layout as agreed in the contract.


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"We asked OMM to support us in the choice of LED field boards for all the clubs in the TOP 14 and PRO D2. We are very satisfied with their expertise and continue to trust them for the deployment phase "

Virginie Chevrier - Responsible for Partnerships and Public Relations National Rugby League