Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC are one of the leading brands in World club football, winning the European cup 5 times and the English top division title on 18 occasions. Their legendary stadium, Anfield, built in 1938, has been redeveloped over the years, with a brand new main stand opened in 2016.
Anfield is a very compact stadium with very little space between the perimeter pitch lines and the spectators, making the spectator sight-lines very challenging when installing a LED perimeter signage system. Previously LFC had used a 600mm tall system at 15mm pixel pitch to overcome these sight-lines issues.
We have served the club for many years and have been both operating and creating content for the previous system for 5 years. We were asked to provide consultancy advice to the club as they wished to upgrade to a new system which was compliant with their Champions league ambitions and would provide their partners with UEFA best in class exposure from a digital perimeter system.
Working with architects Populous, we audited and reported on the needs of the pitch perimeter to be able to fit a UEFA compliant system. This included an extensive program of re-shaping the Anfield Road end goal line, the touchline run off area and the creation of a trench in which to site the system at the Kop end. The pitch works would enable both the spectator sight-lines to be catered for but also for an un-hindered view of every pixel in the LED system for the TV cameras.
We created a tender document that both defined what was required by potential suppliers to meet the challenging UEFA LED compliance guidelines but also what was required to meet the challenging installation conditions of the stadium
We then organised a product demonstration by the 4 leading contenders from the RFP. This involved each company bringing approximately 15m of LED product to Anfield to show the quality of their product relative to the other systems.
During this process each company was invited to present credentials and answer questions arising from the RFP.
Once the successful candidate had been chosen, we advised the club on the wording in the contract and then programme managed the delivery and challenging installation of the system into the stadium.
The club asked us to continue our long service in operations and content creation and we were fully trained in the operation of the system and agreed a long term contract with the club.


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“From our club perspective, OMM are the experts in this field. They proved to be extremely experienced and ran a very smooth process that enabled LFC to choose the most appropriate UEFA-compliant system, which we have used since in this competition, on many occasions. I would thoroughly recommend them to any other club or organisation looking at a new LED system ”
— Olly Dale, Commercial Directer Liverpool FC