London Stadium external digital wrap

London’s iconic new stadium completed the transformation from Olympic stadium into a multi-use sport stadium with the installation of an Iconic new giant LED screen on the outside facing up to Westfield shopping centre.

E20 and LLDC (the joint owners of the stadium) asked us to run the process of choosing the most suitable candidate to provide this unique screen.


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“Whilst we had decided on the general size that the screen needed to be, we needed to get into the screen’s specifics and ensure we were selecting the best Supplier for the project” commented Graham Gilmore, Chief Operating Officer of London Stadium 185.

“As they are recognized as the leading experts in stadium LED and digital technology, we engaged OMM to help us both in the process of choosing the Supplier and also in defining the guidelines for how the screen should be utilised. We are extremely happy with the resulting screen and also with the insight and expertise provided by OMM”

Graham Gilmore, Chief Operating Officer of London Stadium 185.